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TicketBird is designed to be intuitive and powerful.

TicketBird uses simple to understand commands. With a customizable prefix, ability to mention TicketBird directly, and more TicketBird's command system is designed for users in mind.

Because of this, TicketBird has a ton of commands that allow you to fully utilize it! View all of the documentation on the commands for TicketBird by clicking the button below!

Not only that, but basic functions like creating or reopening tickets require no commands!

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Official Support Server

If TicketBird was meant to be useful, so are we! Join our official TicketBird Discord server for extra info and help.

Need help with something? Visit our support channel!

Want to request a feature we somehow didn't think to add? Send us a message in our feature request channel!

Just want to be part of the amazing community using this Bot? Join the discord!

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Source Code

TicketBird was built upon open source APIs. It wouldn't be fair if we didn't open source TicketBird.

All of the source code behind this amazing bot can be found on the GitHub repo linked below!

We encourage those who can to fork the repository and help code TicketBird! We are community driven and really love any help we can get. Even just a simple typo fix.

And of course, we will credit you with the changes and even give you a special contributor role!!!

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Become a Patron Today!

TicketBird is developed freely, open source, and completely unlimited. However, we still need to support ourselves.

Rather than making TicketBird limited for free users, we decided to open a patreon, by becoming a patron you help support and fund the further development and support for TicketBird. Please consider becoming a patron!

By becoming a patron, you not only support us and TicketBird's development, but will get exclusive access to features early before anyone else!